Thursday, April 9

Livin' Venti: Episode 2 - Pallet of Panties

Just a couple of days ago I posted a new podcast that I thought was really interesting to not only me, but to readers of What's newS. Two guys - Clark Covington and Wesley Donehue take time out of their lives to talk about one of my addictions - the internet. Internet business, taking your day job and fusing it into the internet and anything else dealing with the internet.

In this episode, they talk a little about value and branding, Twitter, domain buying, blog creation tools, and more. There some great things coming such as getting into iTunes and a new website Clark Covington just registered. New show is next week. Until then, enjoy Episode 2!

Livin' Venti: Episode 2 - Pallet of Panties from Wesley Donehue on Vimeo.

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