Wednesday, April 8

Electronics for Cash

Everyone, and I mean literally - Everyone has old electronics that get placed aside and thrown away everyday. We all live in a materialistic world and that causes many things to be thrown away. If you are like myself, it is sometimes hard to throw something away that you paid so much money for to begin with. I know how you feel, but there is a way to get money. Allow me to explain.

Of course, you wont get back every single penny you spent on your gadget. That is preposterous, however, you can get back something, and that is definitely better than nothing, right? BuyMyTronics pays you for your new, used, or damaged electronics when you send them in by mail. To receive some money for your “tronic,” you will need to use the provided pull-down menus to describe the condition of your item. BuyMyTronics will then generate an approximate value of your tronic, like a blue book value. Should you choose to accept their offer; BuyMyTronics will reimburse you via check or PayPal for the amount they quoted you within 24 hours of receiving your item. Pretty simple, eh?

So, how much can you get? More than you expect. I just put in a quote for my iPhone not to long ago. Not to ship it out (of course), but to see the current rate at which they will take it. Being OCD about all my gadgets, I have everything, it is in great condition, and %100 working. Surprisingly, I would get an awesome price of $245.44 for my 8GB iPhone and I didn't even spend $245.44 on my iPhone!!

BuyMyTronics is one of the only major companies that accept broken electronics, so even if your gadget is broken, you'll get money. So, next time you decide to throw away that old game console or cell phone, you may want to think about BuyMyTronics. And they aren't taking your gadgets and throwing it in the dumpster. They reuse the parts to fix others. E-Waste stays out of landfills and they are able to put cash in people’s pockets. Everyone wins. The company practices Green operations and are 100% wind powered which has lowered the harmful impact on the environment.

Go ahead and dig around in your closet and when you find something, get some money for it. It won't hurt.

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