Tuesday, June 30

Wireless Charging Lamp

Before I head off on vacation for the 4th, I'd like to point out a very cool lamp I came across. Sanyo's Eneloop Lamp, a vaselike, wirelessly chargeable table lamp that turns into a flashlight when picked up. How cool is that? The lamp is suppose to spend most of its time on a wireless charging stand, which is similar to the way a Palm Pre charges.

The lamp can be switched between the brighter white light mode and a low-draw blue, or "Healing Light," mode. The stand charges two AA batteries inside the lamp, which power the lamp when it removed from the base. Sanyo's press release says it'll switch modes when it's turned horizontal, mentioning that there's some kind of accelerometer like an iPhone.

You should definitely take a look at this lamp. Price is unknown right now, but I would just love to have this in my apartment. If you can get your hand on one, please let me know how it is.

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