Monday, July 20

Moving? Try

I recently moved to a larger city about 2 months ago, and I did all the moving myself. My work office is moving to another location soon; I'm sure there comes a time in life when someone eventually has to move. Of course, it was only a matter of time to think of a cool way to do it, that, of course, involved an online service.

Meet CityMove. The free service lets you post a job for movers who can then offer you a bid, allowing you to choose the best deal if there are multiple offers. You can select to pay your movers on a flat rate for the whole move, or by the hour. Either way, everything short of the transaction is managed on the site using a simple, but detailed wizard.

As the person who's moving, there are a few things you have to know. For one, you have to estimate how many people you'll need to help you out, as well as what kind of transportation they should bring. You can also leave it up to the movers. You're required to provide a detailed of estimate on how much stuff you have, right down to how many boxes are being moved, what size they are, and how much they weigh.

Once you choose the company you want to hire, and finish the move, the site lets you review those movers for future customers. These are called "verified" reviews, and can only be done if the move is organized through CityMove's system. That way, people are ranked and hired more often based on rating.

It is a very cool system. Although, I have yet to give them a real life test (since I just moved), I will make sure I look at for my next move. It sure beats doing it yourself, that's for sure!

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