Tuesday, July 28

YouTube Isn't The Only Video Site Out There

For years, we have turned to YouTube for our video watching needs. YouTube has seen tremendous growth and you can watch any video imaginable on YouTube. It is amazing. Not only viral videos but TV shows, music videos, movies, etc. It all can be found at YouTube. But what about the others out there? Let's not forget about them!

I have personally used all options. Either for review or just stumbling on them and liking what the service offers. On sites such as Hulu.com, you can watch free TV shows and movies. There are "vertical content" sites that focus on single subjects like birdcinema.com or the extreme sports site, shredordie.com. Unlike YouTube, these sites don't scour the web looking for videos.

Something rather cool that I discovered is a site called Blinkx.com, which is a search engine that analyzes each videos and constructs a transcirpt of the audio to better find what you are looking for. MeFeedia.com uses social networking to help you find videos your friends are watching. Truveo.com lets users see tthe most frequently Twittered vidoes (which is huge!).

Let's not forget one of the most popular video applications out there -- Boxee.tv. Boxee can access videos from many sources, including Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix's streaming services. Boxee is still being tested, but since it was made to be used on multiple platforms, it's interface is designed to be displayed on a TV. Boxee is growing, and eventually it may be the best option for searching and watching web video.


Anonymous said...

I use about 8 video sites regularly. My favorites are Dailymotion because it's already using HTML 5 video, Vimeo because it seems to have less stupid videos than Youtube, Blinkx because it makes it easy to find something interesting to watch, and Hulu because has full length TV shows.

JoCoWash said...

I'm glad you mentioned Dailymotion becuase they are worth mentioning. I couldn't agree more with you about your experiences with the services you mentioned. Thanks for sharing!