Thursday, March 25

The femtoJack: magicJack's Next Big Cost Cutting Telecommunications Product

If you have ever seen the infomercial for Ymax's magicJack or are one of the millions that own one yourself, you may want to take a moment to read this article regarding an even better device that's on its way from the same creators. It's called the femtoJack. Essentially the device is designed to do the same thing as the magicJack, reduce the amount you pay in phone bills each month by allowing you to make phone calls via VoIP by routing your calls through a computer. There is one major difference however, this time you get to save money on cell phone bills, which the average consumer knows can get out of hand quickly.

According to one review, the concept behind the femtoJack is very simple, which makes it very surprising that there is not a VoIP product already on the market that can offer similar services at an affordable price. It uses femtocell technology to setup it's own home based cell network. This home based network then catches all calls within it's range and instead of sending them over your carriers network sends them over magic Jack's self-dedicated VoIP network. The result is unlimited minutes in your home for a low price of just $20 per year.

Use of the femtoJack is so simple that nearly everybody will be able to set it up with ease and be using it within minutes. Simply plug the femtoJack into your computer, enter a given code on your mobile phone, and begin making phone calls from your home via your cell phone without using any of your allotted plan minutes. Even better is the fact that it can work on any GSM cell phone (unsubscribed, pre-paid, or contracted). Even if you are not currently contracted with a cell company you can go ahead and use the femtoJack so long as you have a GSM phone.
Despite it's clear benefits above there is still a dark cloud surrounding the future of the femtoJack. Cell carriers have refused to comment but tech experts have speculated that the cell carriers may try to fight the femtoJack's FCC approval by claiming it infringes on their exclusive right to use the mobile spectrum that they have paid billions of dollars for. Ymax, the makers of the femtoJack, and many other experts however claim that spectrum licenses do not legally apply to ones own home and that everyone has the legal right to setup their own mini network so long as it is contained within ones home.

Ymax says that they expect to offer the femtoJack to current magicJack subscribers sometime during the 2nd quarter of 2010 but we anticipate the offering may be delayed if cell carriers do indeed decide they want to fight it's legality, something we stand strongly against since this product has an opportunity to save people so much money. For more info on FemtoJack, be sure to point your browser here. You can also ask any questions you have in comments.

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