Wednesday, March 10

Write Well with the Logitech io2 Pen

The Logitech io2 pen is wonderful for college students, business women and men, teachers, doctors and anyone who takes a lot of notes. I have a client that I work with for my day job and he loves his Logitech pen. According to him, the Logitech io2 pen will save you precious time, and I would definitely agree with that. Once you handwrite your notes, you attach the pen to your computer with a USB cord. The handwritten notes will then be transferred to typed notes. The notes will pop-up on your monitor screen and will be surrounded by a framed box.

Not having to re-type your notes is also a huge stress reliever. If you have a laptop the Logitech io2 pen is for you. You truly do not have to save any notes to disc as you already have a hard copy–your handwritten notes. If you do not use a computer to store your notes you may prefer to start. No longer will you need hard copies of folders and file cabinets, now that you can easily store your information electronically.

The Logitech io2 pen has a curve to fit your hand comfortably. The circumference of the pen is larger than a normal pen but the curvature makes up for it. The pen refills are very simple to do.
To start using the pen simply remove the cap. To stop the pen simply put the cap back on.
A power adapter is included with your Logitech io2 pen purchase as well as five pen refills, a cradle to lay your pen in when downloading to your computer and when recharging, a Post-It note pad, a notebook of paper and directions.

You will have to purchase paper designed to work with the pen. The cost range for the paper is $4.95 to $14.95. The software used to work with the pen is $39.95 and is called MyScript Notes.
The operating systems the Logitech io2 pen work with are Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows 98 and Windows XP though it has been updated to work with more operating systems like Vista and Windows 7 as well.

The Logitech io2 pen costs around $199.00. I have seen it online for $39.99 to $139.99 for used pens. Even with the cost of the pen and accessories, I highly recommend the Logitech io2 pen for people who want to save time and stress.

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Anonymous said...

I remember writing an article on this pen--I thought it was so cool! Never tried it though.