Saturday, April 1

First Time For Everything...(Pic)

They say there is a first time for everything, and I think that was proven by an event I will never forget.

Today at about 3:30-4pm, I get off from work and I get on my computer to check my email. As I am checking my email, I hear the cops go by my window, and I sort of glance out, passing it off as someone getting a ticket. I then started to hear screaming a yelling. The police were screaming at the guy to get out of his car with his hands up. He didn't do it instantly. About 5 minutes later, he opens the car door. All of a sudden, he comes out shooting his gun at the policemen and all 7 policemen started shooting shotguns, pistols, and whatever else they had.

It was open fire. Keep in mind that this incident was right in front of my window so I watched the whole thing, afraid a bullet my happen to fly into my room. After the open fire, the guy fell onto the ground beside his car. It was quite disturbing.

After which time, the cops cautiously approached the vehicle and stopped because people started to flocked dangerously close. The police started shouting at the people to move out of the way of danger. It was pretty obvious the guy was not going to make any sudden moves, but the policemen proceeded with caution. The decided to use one of the police cars as a shield and they gathered on the left of the car and one guy drove as the men followed. Just like on TV.

Then one of the officers ran towards this guys lifeless body, kicking the gun out of his hands, and another guy swooped around the back and arrested him. I thought the victim was dead, but he was barely still alive. The ambulance came and took him away. He is now in the hospital.

They then quarantined the area in which they were located with the yellow tape. Curious natured townspeople started to gather. Store owners in the area left their place of employment to see what happen. News channel 7, police, students of the building I am residing; everyone. Traffic was blocked. It was chaos.

After telling my mother about the situation, who is a reporter for The Greenville News, advised me that I would be interviewed by a reporter and placed in the paper. She could not do it because #1, she was out of town, and #2, it would be a conflict of interest for her to interview her son. I received a call from The Greenville News, and then a few hours later, SLED showed up. SLED are the people that gather all the important facts, take pictures, evaluate what happen, place the Greenwood city police under investigation, find witnesses, etc. A SLED officer saw the window in which I watched this horrifying event, and came looking for me. He interviewed me and asked me to write a statement, and told me I may be called for further question, or even go to court.

It has been an interesting day, and I think I am traumatized by what I saw just a little. It was the first time in my life I had ever seen someone shot and almost kill in front of my own eyes. I happen to take a picture of the event after it had gone on. In this picture, you'll see the yellow tape, and inside you'll see a police car which is blocking the red car the guy was driving. At this time the policemen are standing over the guy’s lifeless body, but you cannot see this in the picture. There were more police scattered around the perimeter of the scene.

Anyway, the story behind this guy's motives are unclear but tune in to the news anytime to check it out; grab a paper, or search online. I'm sure you will find it...

Take care!


anonymous jones said...

Hi there! There must be something in the air because this week, when I dropped off my kids at the primary school, there was a dead guy just lying on the grass by the bus stop! What's happening?!!!!

JoCoWash said...

wow. That is horrible.The world is getting worse and worse...

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Now, I can see why you were so traumatized...I thought you were just exaggerating like usual, but now I believe That's a lot to happen for a Saturday morning. I'm glad you are ok. I don't think I would have stayed at the window and watched as this happened...I probably would have ducked or something like that (you know, what normal people would have But anyways, you did a nice job of telling what happened in your really are going to make a great reporter one day! Well, I'm out...have a great one! I'll ttyl! ;-) P.S. It's Gwen.